Classical Curriculum

Titus Academy of San Antonio is a free public charter school available to all families in the North Central and North East areas of San Antonio.


Titus Academy is a blend of rigorous Classical Education found in many private schools and the Charlotte Mason influences adopted by Home School families around the US. It's nuanced but important, the Charlotte Mason influence adds living books, nature study, and a belief that scholars are adults becoming. The blend is a concentration on academic rigor and character development all the while keeping the learning environment focused on the students and FUN. 

We are schools built on RELATIONSHIPS. The reason we believe that we have been so successful is that we are rooted in the works of Dr. Rudolf Druikers and Dr. William Glasser whose research demonstrated that issues and conflicts in a school or a family come down to a breakdown in relationships.

We understand that the most impactful part of our school is the TEACHER in the classroom and we invest heavily in their professional growth. Our mission is to PARTNER with our PARENTS because we understand that you are the primary educator in your child’s life. As a school of choice, we know who we are and what we stand for.

At Titus Academy, reading and the written language are the lifeblood of our schools. We are readers, we dissect the rich text, we devour the living books and we use informational text and classical stories as our foundation of academic and values-virtues instruction. What makes our reading, history, and science units unique are that we stay true to the Charlotte Mason and Classical Education beliefs yet take advantage of the research-backed strategies to support our teachers. This support starts at a high level with an interlinked roadmap of where we are going and drills down into daily lesson templates and hundreds of options for a teacher to use to make a lesson come alive.

Classical education curriculum and instruction focus on instilling a curiosity that instills a lifelong love of learning. Gone are the days of the parent asking their child "What did you do in school today?" and getting the response "Nothing." We make family dinner conversations come alive with history, arts, sciences, and big ideas.

 We want our students to focus on learning as a process, to enjoy discovery, and wrestle with the big ideas. Our schools should always feel safe and encourage scholars to take risks, to practice curiosity and compassion. We are committed to building a diverse, inclusive school where all people have the opportunity to develop their voices and not only feel recognized, but valued. Perhaps most importantly, we are dedicated to graduating good citizens who are well prepared for college and the challenges of tomorrow’s world.